Wondering if I could get an assist

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit.

I have a trip planned for Green Bay Wisconsin because one of the brothers is deciding that single life is just a little to overwhelming for him, and I should be there around late June (17th-23rd) … and have no idea what to do while there. There has been some research performed about the place, and seeing as how going to one of the THREE Green Bay Packers museums that they have there really doesn’t sound like a good time, the only other things that I can find that were “indigenous” to the area are things like:

Exhibit A:

Shitloads of different types of “Gormet” fried cheese


Or (and this one is my personal favorite)

Exhibit B:


Mmmmm. Look at that foamy goodness.

-If you are going to have as much free time as I am going to have, posting up in a microbrewery drinking them dry while eating so much fried cheese that the door guy gives you a First Alert(tm) necklace “Just in case” kinda gets old after awhile, and in a city that size there has to be something else to do, even if it’s just storming a bunch of farms and going on a cow-tipping frenzy.

Wait… that DOES sound like fun.

You guys (and gals) have any suggestions? I am not leaving here for another 19 days so I have plenty of time to plan something if need be, and if I end up being local to any of you please drop me a line in the comments; you can consider the first round bought and paid for.

Any tips, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

~ by Old Iron on May 27, 2008.

16 Responses to “Wondering if I could get an assist”

  1. Awhh… man – you’re missing out on the “If Toombstones Could Talk” event by a few days! There’s a pelithora of choices on what you can do (and be utterly bored, leading to booze and cow tipping as a coping mechanism???) over here: http://www.packercountry.com/calendar/index.asp?m=6&image.x=9&image.y=10

    But you will be there for the International Bayfest … you can go get your face painted??? Could be fun if you’re really drunk and smelling of cowpies! You can also go the Summer In the Park Series on the 19th…

    Sorry Old Iron… it looks like a quaint, small town living… I think the most excitting thing is cow tipping. You might need some company for that… LOL! Unless… you like baseball and football – or hockey ’cause they have a hockey museum!!

    Good luck man! Hopefully you know some locals so that you don’t end up a little loco…

  2. (uhm… that beer and fried cheese tho… looks mighty fine to me!!)

  3. Well, it was a good start. There has to be something going on during that time other than a wedding…

  4. Dude, you could eat fried cheese, drink beer AND go to all three Packers museums. Come on, man they have a FAVRE display!

  5. Remember tho – you will be busy with pre-wedding stuff… and you never know… could be a bridesmaid or two to keep you company and alleviate the boredom of being in small town Wisconsin… Don’t pre-plan too much… leave a little room for excitment!

  6. Why, it’s just a hop-skip-jump to the SE Michigan area, and you could always pop on by for some smoked ribs. If you were to do that, bringing fried cheese would be mandatory. You’d have to drink your beer ahead of time – too much temptation for me.

    There’s a 5-acre Cabela’s outlet just north of the Ohio/Michigan border.

    Ann Arbor is a haven to coffee-house misanthropes and reprogrammed undergrads, but there are some pretty good restaurants there.

  7. Stop in Milwaukee on your way up and visit the Miller Brewery Tour.

  8. You do not want to miss this! Good times. Especially the vodka tasting 🙂

  9. dammit! forgot to close that tag. grrr…

  10. If you’re THAT close to SE MI… stop in!
    I’d might be able to swing a visit…

    I need a map of the US…

  11. KC and OI, of course we can provide maps.

    I look for every excuse imaginable to meet new folks and smoke dry-rubbed ribs for 10 hours in apple-wood, with mistings of apple-juice to sweeten the bark at the end, and smoke buffalo wings then crisp them up on the hot grill… something about cooking food for folks, you get to see smiles on their faces – it is very rewarding. And you get ribs.

    You might have trouble at the border KC, it is well known that female Canadians fit the profile of ne’er do-wells and Bad Influences. We cannot be having those kinds of shenanigans happenin’ in Detroit. 🙂

    It’s a city with a reputation to uphold. Kwame deserves better, right? (erg)

  12. ^yeah. He has to wear that hat!

    LK: The brood and I will be in Holland, MI late July. I am looking for a cheap place to let a 3 year old run wild, and after the success of our trip to Indiana Dunes last year, a beach up north fit the bill again.

  13. eddiebear – we rented a B&B right on the highway south of Holland for a decent price over Christmas a number of years back. The Seymour House. Nice place, well kept up, and they even have a nice hot-tub in one the rooms (Montana Room, I believe). I think if you’re looking for the Sleeping Bear Dunes you’ll want to end up closer to Traverse City. Up there you can find places with smoked pike and stuff like that.

    I have a 2 and 5 year old. Letting them run themselves silly is the only answer to a relaxing vacation. Alas, my rights as a citizen were trumped yet again, however. The courts seem to frown on running them ahead of your vehicle for some reason. 🙂

  14. errhh… kinda realised I just invited myself without proper invitation… my bad! I’m not usually that rude… brain elsewhere these days.

    Just saying… didn’t realise that you were THAT close – we are really neighbours Lemur!!! And I think it would be ubber cool for you and OI to meet up. It’s always really cool meeting up with blogger friends!

    Hope this works out for you guys!

  15. Damn. Sounds like I gots me some plans.

  16. Yes you do!
    And here you were worried about being bored…

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