Morons in the News: I’m coming for you, WHO and the Swedes.

Ooooh, you fucking morons have gone too far. I can understand some regulation, and have lived under a public that villianizes me for smoking for so long that I am used to it… but you have just crossed the barrier on the one topic that has to date been pretty much left alone.

I am talking about booze.


WHO adopts Swedish alcohol resolution

Published: 25 May 08 12:05 CET

The World Heath Organisation (WHO) has adopted a Sweden-backed global alcohol resolution at its annual World Health Assembly which was concluded in Geneva on Saturday.
The WHO, in a press release summarizing the results of the assembly, recognized that work needed to be intensified to “curb the harmful use of alcohol” which is the fifth leading risk factor for death and disability in the world.
The resolution brought by Sweden and the other Nordic countries at the World Health Assembly in 2007 failed in the face of opposition from Cuba, a significant alcohol producer.
“The so-called non-infectious diseases, such as injuries resulting from alcohol abuse, account for 60 percent of the world’s illnesses, according to WHO statistics. To work against the abuse of alcohol is an investment for better health in the whole world,” said Maria Larsson in a government press release.
Concrete measures can be expected to include a raft of recommendations for the marketing of alcohol, anti-drinking campaigns, licensing regulations and pricing.

(Emphasis mine ’cause I like to highlight stuff.)

…You know something has gotten WAAAAY out of hand when I agree with friggin CUBA on something. Sorry WHO, but I am going to have to go Charlton Heston on this topic and let you know that you are in for a fight on this one. “From my cold, dead hands” is pretty much the only way to get me to give up the sauce, as I don’t really do too well when told that I have to participate in something or abstain from a specific activity because some AGENCY thinks that it knows what’s best for me.

I swear that you people must lead the most boring, anally-retentive fucking lives of anyone on the planet. Also it’s shit like this that is going to drive away tourist dollars from so-called “enlightened” societies like Sweden and as a backlash create (and it has already to a degree) vacation paradises in smaller countries that could give two fucks about how much you smoke that cater to people like me that actually possess a couple of vices and are proud of them. I mean seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to go to a resort where they have a smoking bar and waitresses that light you up when you want a drag?

-Signs that say “please smoke here, we don’t mind at all”?

“Try this cocktail, it has vitamins and shit and is good for you”?    

“Try the cocaine off the ass of our local hookers, it’s primo”?

-O.k., maybe not the last one. You get the picture though.


~ by Old Iron on May 26, 2008.

One Response to “Morons in the News: I’m coming for you, WHO and the Swedes.”

  1. didn’t you know old iron? we ALL need to be babysat for the REST OF OUR LIVES….there is NO way we can make responsible decisions without Sweden and WHO stepping in….i thought we told you this already

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