Guys, you do good work.

Well friends, it is Memorial Day again.

I know, time to get drunk and blow shit up with fireworks, but do me a favor.

Tip your hat to the guys that made all of that possible, our boys that fight the good fight and directly represent our freedom at home and around the world.

Keep on trucking guys. As long as I am around you get a free beer on me.

Even Red says thanks for allowing him to be a bigot and drink his Colt45 in relative peace.

Drink up bud; it’s only beacuse of those that you constantly deride that you are allowed the freedom to say the unfounded garbage that you do on that shithole of a site that you run.

Oh, and since you have the freedom to streotype, I have also taken the liberty.

Keep smiling, fuckwad.


~ by Old Iron on May 26, 2008.

18 Responses to “Guys, you do good work.”

  1. I can’t handle that man’s insanity. His bullshit. It’s just too much… especially for first thing on a Monday morning.
    He makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever.
    Wonder what movies he watches? Heidi – nah. I’m sure that one is racist too.


  2. Just another fine example of what the military protects and allows.

  3. I don’t want to even start thinking that way…
    I’ll stick to my do-gooder post over at my blog…

  4. As idiotic as that Truth First guy is, the fact he is able to write and say what he does without fear of arrest is a testament to our country and its freedoms. I have yet to hear of Chimpy McBushitler arresting Keith Olbermann, Kos, Arianna Huffington, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and so forth.

    Sadly, however, Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant have had to fight for their lives Up North after being hauled in front of the Kangaroo Court known as the “Human Rights Commission”.

  5. Most vets are too principled to get in these guys’ faces, instead saying that they represented everybody’s rights and freedoms. And this is true, but it doesn’t make it acceptable to go around heaping shit on our soldiers.

    As I told a vet recently:

    I, on the other hand, knowing no better, am allowed to bitch-slap them as much as I like. Consider it an offshoot of my free speech.

    What can I say? I’m fiercely behind our men and women in uniform. Sue me.

  6. Thus the reason that I included this sorry excuse of an American in the Memorial Day post. It proves a point that although this guy talks ALOT of shit about the States (and whites in particular) he is at least allowed to do so and his comments won’t enflame people to the point that someone dies, like in the Mid East or parts of Africa (i.e. those immigration riots in S. Africa being caused by “pre-apartied elements”). I actually check his site quite often, if only to verify that we do still have freedoms that can allow us to be completely pathetic.

  7. What.a.cesspool. I’m glad you have fireworks though… another sign of freedom. And cool as shit. I live in a no-fireworks/no-fun-of-any-friggin-kind area. But at least the property values are low. *sigh*

    Happy Memorial Day bud! :7)

  8. Thanks Stash. Actually one of the good things about working in Nigeria is that you can pretty much blow up anything without regulation. We set off some home made ones yesterday that did pretty good.

  9. Oh yeah… another one! Thanks for all your service Stash. Lots of us guys and gals out here are very grateful.

    (sigh) No I don’t actually bitch-slap anyone (yet) but I’m more than willing to tell them to take it outside and stop bothering people if they are too obnoxious.

    I just noticed that he (AIA) posted about “The Racism of Indiana Jones”. When are people going to get it in their head that if I’m a white guy I don’t go see those movies because they fulfill some need to feel superior and I don’t walk out of there with the topic of race at the top of my brain? Justgowatchthedamnmovieandhavesomefunforthefirsttimeinyourpatheticlife!!!

    Of course then he goes on to write “anonymous” posts to obfuscate his stance just enough to put people off balance. The hallmark of a chickenshit bastard. Pardon the expression.

    Amazing how a guy like this can be so rabid about perceived racism that he actually makes things WORSE in every way imaginable. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy. He calls it satire but strangely it doesn’t *feel* like satire.

    Sorry, it’s late, and I need to go to bed.

    Have a good ‘un – talk at you later.

  10. Hey Lemur, he is not calling it satire; myself and another guy started that up about a month over there in his comments as a way to make the guy look like a complete moron (not that he really needed any help) and deflate any attempt that he makes on having a somewhat stable stance on his issues.

    The greatest thing that I have found about that type of person is that effectively combating them with laughter (laughing at everything they do) about what they take extremely seriously devalues them to all that they try to broadcast their message to. The guy is a joke and Jim Bob and I point that out.

    -It’s kinda fun actually as he doesn’t edit his comments.

  11. You caught me at a very bad time there.

    I can shrug off most anti-US stuff but there comes a point when hearing bashing coming from so many sources: the media, our politicians, illegal immigrants, black folk who can’t get it in their head that they are Americans and that trumps everything else, environmentalist wackos (Gore), and the like, and it never stops, it leaves me wondering late at night when I’m not feeling good if something didn’t go horribly wrong at some point. This country is still the best place in the world (IMHO) yet it’s nothing but bitching and sniping rather than useful input.

    It’s not so much him that worries me, even, as much as it is the borderline people who get dragged into his insanity. People that are like social tofu and take on the flavor of whatever they are stirred in with – they would do far better to look to Sowell, Powell, Williams, and many others, but listen to these guys instead. It’s not a recipe for success.

    I spent time just reading through a hate-filled column with lots of black folks so angry that it was a mob and they were truly vicious – to the point when a very kind well-spoken black lady from South Africa was vilified. I was aghast at the general treatment of her for voicing a well thought out polite opinion.

    So yeah, I do agree with mockery as being a good weapon, but I also picture a lion with cubs that keep chewing on his ears. He’s patient about it, flicks his ears away a lot, but finally says “Ok, that is really too much” and growls.

    Perhaps I ought to take the quote in your side bar more to heart. 🙂

    I’ll work on lightening up.

  12. I would not ask you to. You REALLY want to have fun with the guy though?

    -I have his IP address.


  13. Oh you truly ARE evil, aren’t you?

    Evil: Oh, Benson… Dear Benson, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence.
    Benson: Oh, you say such nice things, Master.
    Evil: Yes I know, I’m sorry!
    – Evil, The Time Bandits

  14. Lemur, you have blessed this blog with a quote from one of the greatest movies ever made. Any movie that has the entire cast of Monty Python in it and has a scene where Napoleon gets robbed blind (or handless) is a work of absolute perfection and increases the local intelligence quotent around here dramatically.

    Oh, and I wasn’t kidding. I do have a copy of ‘Shop at the house that I can mail you when I get there.

  15. Is this one of them Nigerian scams? 😉

    Time Bandits is on the outside for kids but inside it is chock full of adulty humor. Love it.

  16. Oh do I have one for you!!!
    Here you go…

  17. Thanks. I was searching and got the point for my new assignment.

  18. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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