A News Article that Sounds like a Troma Film – Toxic Vomit! (UPDATE) Zombies too!

First, the article:

Fifty-four people were sickened at a hospital by toxic fumes from the vomit of a man who apparently attempted suicide by swallowing pesticide Wednesday night, police said.

The toxic gas, believed to be a vaporized form of liquid pesticide, came from a 34-year-old farmer from Koshi, Kumamoto Prefecture, who was undergoing treatment at the Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital emergency room in Kumamoto at about 11 p.m.

Doctors, nurses, visiting patients and their families who inhaled the toxic fumes suffered pain in their eyes and throat. Ten of them were admitted to the Red Cross hospital and other hospitals. One of the 10, a 72-year-old woman, suffered breathing difficulty and was in serious condition Thursday.

Only one thing that I can say about this.

(UPDATE) Can’t forget the ZOMBIES either. (H/T Eddiebear)


~ by Old Iron on May 23, 2008.

7 Responses to “A News Article that Sounds like a Troma Film – Toxic Vomit! (UPDATE) Zombies too!”

  1. Cool! Another Troma fan! I am often amazed who else knows they even exist.

  2. Exactly, Scoop – Troma is a beautiful thing. There are those who know Troma. I reckon there’s probably eight maybe nine of us now. 🙂

    I’ve heard tell of “Poultrygeist” but haven’t found it. Has anyone seen it?

    Surf Nazis Must Die… (sigh)

  3. Oh, yes… tell me you have seen “Bubba Ho-Tep”…

  4. HELL YEAH I HAVE! That movie is absolutely hilarious.

  5. I loaned it to a couple of friends who are now empty-nesters. I got a letter from her today, and I quote:

    I wanted you to know that Steve and I watched “Bubba Ho-Tep”. You are in BIG trouble the next time we see you!

    I take it they enjoyed it then. Bruce Campbell… the man from Dearborn, Michigan… what’s not to love?

  6. How could you not love the man? Even his “made for TV” stuff is good. (Besides the innate lesbian overtones) He was the main reason I used to watch Xena back in the day.

  7. I know that I must be part lesbian – I tend to like women, too. Don’t know why that should bother y…

    Oh wait, you mean Xena. Oh.

    BC was in Xena? Really? I confess that I did not watch much TV around then besides Seinfeld and Home Improvement.

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