Hillary Clinton – Shit-Splatteringly PEACHY

I was over at Bama Pachyderm’s Place today and found a nice little link that lets you send a letter to H. Clinton a al Mad Libs style. Below is my submission:

Dear Hillary,

I hope you are shit splatteringly peachy. I just wanted to tell you that I think Captain James T. Kirk would be a explosive colonoscopy machine operator. At this point, we need explosive diarrea in Bar Slaves HQ. When this vomitorium meetings started, I was very lucid, but now I’m bewildered. My shiny wish is for you to excommunicate. I will eviscerate Captain James T. Kirk a cock rocket.

Old Iron

Click here to try it on for size. It’s hella funny and I have no doubt as to the creativity of the people that frequent this site.

Wait, yes I do. Here’s a suggestion; just use terms for taking a dump in all of the fields and you should be alright.


Just ’cause you coif a couple of pints like you hork the penis (or vag, I’m not picky) doesn’t make you cool in any way, much less allow me to believe that you are living the Bar Slave Way of Life(tm).

Just stop.

you are embarassing yourself.

~ by Old Iron on May 18, 2008.

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