Because Dress Blues get you LAID (Easier than Roofies)

Heh. Sounds like my boys are rocking the recruitment theatre with some serious recruitment numbers lately.

Marine Corps meets 142 percent of recruiting goal

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Marine Corps far surpassed its recruiting goal last month and could eventually be more than a year ahead of schedule in its plan to grow the force to 202,000 members.

All military services met or exceeded their monthly recruiting goals in April, with the Marine Corps signing 142 percent of the number it was looking for, the Pentagon said.


“The Marine Corps, if they continue to achieve the kind of success they have had, could meet their growth figures more than a year early,” Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman told Pentagon reporters. That would mean by around the end of 2009.

I have always said that there is just something about the uniform that you just can’t beat. I mean look at the USMC dress uniform, i.e. Panty Melter jacket:

…Versus the Air Force version:


Sorry guys, you loose out yet again in how cool your uniforms are to the Marine Corps, not to mention that you got owned even in recruiting. Don’t even get me started on the new PT uniforms that the navy just got issued.

Ask them.

~ by Old Iron on May 13, 2008.

13 Responses to “Because Dress Blues get you LAID (Easier than Roofies)”

  1. It’s true.
    Navy uniforma are much sexier than any other military uniform…

  2. See? My point is made.

  3. but you can’t beat a firefighter’s uniform…

  4. When my brother received his commission, all four branches had their ceremonies at the same time. My sisters conceded that the new 2LTs in the Marine Dress Blues looked better than the Army Green, USAF Blue, or Ice Cream Vendor Navy White

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! So true. You put a Marine in a set of those Blues and his face could have been used as a bear’s chew toy and he will STILL get tail.

    I have seen it in action and it is an amazing sight to behold.

  6. I still say we all get cop uniforms so we can get free hot dogs.

  7. Siemper Fi Old Iron!!!!!! keep the faith over there in the armpit of the world (for what thats worth) see you when you come home bro

  8. Hey don’t forget the Army has Dress Blues and Mess Blues too.

  9. I know, and that was why I was making fun of the (CH)Air Force.

  10. Uhm.. In the USMC Blues picture.. isn’t that a Staff NCO Buckle on a Sgt’s Uniform?

  11. yeah it is thats pretty fucked up, his collar eagle globe and anchors are off too. they should both be facing inboard. his ribbons are off too. no national defense medal, gwot medal, overseas ribbon nothing

    • not only are his ribbons off, his collar ega’s are facing the wrong way on his starboard, our port side. And some of those ribbons in his fruit salad are army, not corps

      • And I also just realized he has a wwII ribbon top row, center of his board, not only making him too young for pacific combat, but negating the crossed rifles of his rank as pre vietnam ranks did not have the crossed rifle pattern

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