We Urgently Need Black Blood

Today I have a very important announcement. Together with our friends over at Truth First Blog we are trying to raise awareness of a very serious problem facing the black community: the extreme shortage of black blood in this country. Every year tens of thousands of African American patients are required to receive blood for medical emergencies. This blood comes from anonymous sources which turns out to be made of an overwhelming majority of white people, and our African brothers and sisters are never made aware of it.

Should African Americans be forced to receive blood from people whose ancestors once owned slaves?

It is a question we feel should be asked. More disturbing is that the white media is not informing people about the shortage of black blood. There needs to be a public outcry and it will not happen without your support. We are asking everyone who shares this concern to contact the Red Cross and your representatives: Red Cross and US Congress.

Be sure to highlight the following concerns:

– Blood drives need to be held more frequently in African American communities to increase the stock of black blood.

– African American patients must be given the option to receive black blood. If only white blood is available, the doctor or nurse must inform the patient and reiterate the atrocities made by the white community against blacks. Only after doing so can the patient give their consent to receive the white blood.

Hopefully together we can work to reverse this great injustice. I wish to thank everyone in advance and hope you will all give this cause your full attention and efforts. Thank you.

-Faltered Heaven-


~ by falteredheaven on May 7, 2008.

11 Responses to “We Urgently Need Black Blood”

    Well done!
    Hopefully this will highlight how rediculous that asshat sounds on his blog.

  2. That blog is the most ridiculous waste of cyberspace I’ve yet to come across. Excellent counterpoint.

  3. HAH!

    Man, I am so glad DPUD pointed me over here. I only wish I could come here at work more often. But then it would be as fun.

  4. Should African be forced to receive blood from people whose ancestors once owned slaves?

    A question worth asking.

  5. Should Africans be forced to receive blood from people whose ancestors once owned slaves?

    A question worth asking and posted on the TRUTH FIRST blog at:


  6. LOL… oh great… look what you’ve done??!!

  7. SWEET! This has to be the coolest thing that we have ever pulled off!


  8. The stupidity meter of that guy just hit 11

  9. be sure to check out my new and improved blog!


  11. i have no clue about what this thing is even talking about??

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