Fun in Africa: Obama will save Nigeria!!!

You have to be shitting me. The Obamessia(tm) strikes again!

Nigeria: Militants May Suspend Attacks After Obama’s Plea

Port Harcourt

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has said it is considering a temporary cessation of hostilities in the oil-producing region based on an appeal by United States presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama.

MEND also said in an e-mail that its ceasefire was to enable the federal government to have a rethink over the way it has handled the matter concerning its leader, Mr. Henry Okah.

The spate of attacks in the last two weeks has led to more volatility in the crude oil market with substantial production cuts in Nigeria.

“The MEND command is seriously considering a temporary ceasefire appeal by Senator Barack Obama. Obama is someone we respect and hold in high esteem. The period of halting attacks, we hope, when considered, will afford the Nigerian government the opportunity to address the issues with Henry Okah, including improving his living conditions and having access to a bible which he has requested for but was denied,” they said.

On the reasons why they stepped up attacks, especially in the last one week, on Shell facilities in Bayelsa State, MEND said: “This attack was prompted by four factors. (1) To support small cells like the ones that attacked Chevron in Delta state. (2) To let the oil companies know that we consider the military gunboats and soldiers guarding their facilities as mere ornaments and can confront them at will. (3) To dispel the assurances of ensuring peace by some compromised militants who have sold their birth rights. (4) The kangaroo court ruling insisting on a secret trial for Henry Okah”.

Meanwhile, Azuka, wife of Henry Okah, has said the refusal of her husband to concede to other means of settling the Niger Delta problem led to his being “set up” and incarcerated.

This has to be the biggest “raise the bullshit flag” moment I have seen since the last time this terrorist group MEND asked Jimmy Carter (a.k.a. Butt Fag for Anyone that Hates America) to come and litigate on their behalf. For those of you that are not familiar with this group let me give you an inside on their charter.  The only reason these guys say they exist is…

 Mend was fighting for “total control” of the Niger Delta’s oil wealth, saying local people had not gained from the riches under the ground and the region’s creeks and swamps.

-Which sounds good on paper and the various emails that these morons send out but is honestly a bold-faced lie. These guys kill expats, destroy oil infrastructure, commit piracy (yo ho ho!) and kidnap for ransom. They are terrorists pure and simple and we on the pipeline actually have to include them in our daily threat assesment. One little thing these idiots don’t know is that they will potentially be the reason that ALL of the “oil wealth” in the region is removed completely as the oil companies are now realizing that this place is not as profitable as before and are leaving the region in droves to go to fields that are not BATTLE ZONES.

Sorry guys, these fucking douche nozzles really get my goat. It also doesn’t help that this is probably going to be used in the Obamessia(tm)’s marketing scheme.

I’ll bring the funny now that I am done venting.

~ by Old Iron on May 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Fun in Africa: Obama will save Nigeria!!!”

  1. Better than the clown president you have already. Your country is a joke.

  2. At least we don’t have fucking TERRORISTS that think that they are a politically-viable group by blowing shit up and killing people.

    Go back to school you fucking tool.

  3. ^naw, (s)he/it is just practicing “truth to power”.

  4. I hope it’s that guy from this blog that I have been nailing.


    That guy over there is either a complete retard or has the dryest humor of anyone that I have ever met.

  5. I’m all for being proud of the ethnicity and heritage but blogs and people like those in the above link… aren’t any better than the oppressors and slave owners who enslaved them. Not any better than Neo Nazis and KKK. And if its people like them that are ‘advising’ the future potential president… dear lord helps us all! So I guess they will tear down the ‘White House’ only to rebuild it using cheap Mexican labour force????

    Ugh. Despite my romantic preferences… that isn’t something I care about in the least bit. No one race is better than another… no colour or country is better than the next. And to say that White man won’t let Obama be president… that’s funny!! Let’s put a twist on this one… It’s the commercial and economic world that dictates who is President … not it’s citizens or super delegates!!! Regardless of who is put in there… the puppet strings are pulled from where the money comes from. And if they don’t want you there… you’ll find yourself burried next to a Kennedy.

    Wow. That site… blew my mind.

    I refuse to comment on your picture. I can’t. Decorum prevails.

  6. ^^^ The clowns and abortion pic…

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