STFU and Kill Some Hookers Already

A day in the life…

Talk about lovely: I am stuck in this anal leakage of a country and can’t even get my hands on a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV until I get back to the States in June.

Hmmm… let’s check the web for some reviews of this thing. First the game sites.

-“10 out of 10” and “Game of the Year” being thrown around like ninja stars. Hmmm… apparently in the gamer mindset this creation of Take Two Interactive / Rockstar Games is hot shit, and we (I am also a gamer) tend to be pretty fickle when it comes to quality, so that is saying something.

Time to check the news sites.

The glorification of killing of any police officer is just wrong. I mean, it desensitizes people to the real mayhem that’s going on out on the streets, and we already have a real problem with people not valuing human life.

People don’t seem to have a problem turning guns on cops, and this game — I know it’s just a game, but people sometimes have trouble separating reality from fantasy.


What “Grand Theft Auto IV” affirms is the pleasure of eschewing decency for obnoxious violence… One of the most interesting things about this game is that it’s the product of a global youth culture whose frame of reference has been shaped by mindless American action films, by post-apocalyptic Euro-American fantasy fiction and Japanese graphic novels…

(H/T World of Epic Fail)

Woah. Talk about a backlash. Fucking people are going absolutely bonkers about this game in the news world.

-Must mean it fucking ROCKS OUT WITH IT’S COCK OUT. I am getting a copy of this damned game if I have to bleed out my first born and sell his skin as a costume if only to see what all the hype is about.

Not to give tools to the oblivious idiots that are trying to ban this game or make it an “Adults Only” title, but come on. Every time that Take Two / Rockstar comes out with a game the media goes batshiat crazy and rails it as adding to the “destruction of modern civilization” or some such nonsense. You would think that these idiots would realize that the only way to tamp down and eventually eliminate a sensational product is to… wait for it…


All these idiots are doing is obeying the time-honored tradition of wailing about something that they disagree with on the mountain ( Tell it on the mountain!) as loud as possible to garner attention to their organizations / causes and profess that they have a new enemy, which in this case is a fucking video game. They need to start worrying about something substantial like malaria or the fact that their wives / husbands are fucking their neighbor, not some video game.

This actually highlights a point that I have been trying to bring to light for quite some time.

Gamers know that this…

 Get over yourself

…IS NOT REAL. It is pretty wild and an interesting scenario, but it is NOT REAL. You check out any of the gamer sites and you don’t see a bunch of posts from people who are planning to mow down their local PD or have sex with a hooker and then run her over to get your cash back. No, you hear a bunch of guys and gals talking about how awesome this is, how bad ass that is. No REAL killing, no REAL maiming, just talk of how the game is neat because it allows you to do this and open debates on the graphics and portrayal of reality and physics in the game. The point I am trying to make is that none of them are trying to translate what they see into the real world at all!

-Cosplay people are excluded from this because as a whole they are retarded.

Except for chicks like this.


In closing: the best way to make something that you disagree with that fuels itself on hype go away is, honestly, to JUST IGNORE IT. By wailing and moaning about said thing all that you are succeeding in doing is increasing the taboo factor of it and increasing sales.

In fact wait. Fuck it. Keep it up. As long as people scream aginst a product there will always be an audience, and I have been looking for an outlet for my new design for a Thai sex swing. Maybe if I put Hello Kitty stickers all over it you will assume that I am trying to sell it to 4 year olds and thus increase my sales exponentially.



~ by Old Iron on May 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “STFU and Kill Some Hookers Already”

  1. I think you were just looking for a means to post a pic of the Sailor Moon chick… ;0)

  2. I was. Don’t tell anyone…

  3. Actually I was looking for a way to associate Hello Kitty with a Thai sex swing.

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