PSA: How To Fuck In A Rowboat

Though during intercourse it is important to get her wet, you do not want to do it by plunging her head-first into frigid water, thus while fucking in a rowboat always remember to mind your balance.  Truly, fucking in a rowboat is an art form lost through the ages of man.  The most important aspect is where you are situated: you must do it lengthwise, as shown by this informative poster.


Secondly, be mindful of your surroundings.  Remember that most bodies of water have currents, and most of the time wind will play a factor.  Nothing can spoil the mood like drifting into a lump of damp water-side foliage, or a overhanging tree full of spider webs and snakes. 


When in the throes of passion, do not…and I mean DO NOT knock the paddles into the water.  The only thing worse than cuddling with a woman after sex is listening to her bitch about how you got her stranded on a lake or river.  But then again…you could always just throw her overboard.


Hopefully, if you keep all of these pointers in mind, your next rowboat adventure will be a pleasant one.


-Faltered Heaven-

~ by falteredheaven on May 2, 2008.

11 Responses to “PSA: How To Fuck In A Rowboat”

  1. It’s like you know exactly what information I need at any given moment!

  2. MP, just glad to be of help : )

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! There’s an idea factory. These people come to the site with fucked up search terms… let’s give them what they want.

  4. i just didn’t know that there was anything this good on the web, until now..

  5. Allow me to formally welcome you to the Bar Slaves Way of Life(tm)

  6. Does this come with an instruction video??

  7. Is horizontal thrusting appropriate if the rowboat is anchored?

  8. Dunno. You gotta ask FH.

    He seems to be the knowledge base on this.

    KC – Yeah it does. Watch the movie “Beerfest” and you’ll get the basic premise.

  9. ***off to rent Beerfest***

  10. Now all I need is a rowboat. Or a canoe. Or a paddleboat.

  11. Eddie, I was thinking I needed a woman. But yeah, a boat…. that too.

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