Fun In Nigeria: “What’s for Lunch? RIOT SANDWICH!!!”

I guess the natives are getting restless.

We just had a riot.

Oh, and you people should love the reason they rioted.

Lunch is at 11:30 AM.

The gates are locked to their area until then.

They wanted to get in at 11.

What?!?! The gate is locked and we aren’t allowed access until the actual TIME of our lunch?!?!”


What a bunch of retards.

They also rioted throughout their actual lunch, so guess who gets to go back to work hungry just to prove a point? I’ll have pics later.

UPDATE: Never mind. I wasn’t able to take any pics because our security manager said it would “incite” them if they saw a camera. Go figure. Not like they weren’t ALREADY incited…

~ by Old Iron on April 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Fun In Nigeria: “What’s for Lunch? RIOT SANDWICH!!!””

  1. Don’t mess with a man’s hunger and time…
    I want to see pictures.

    What exactly do you do in Nigeria to cause grown men to riot over lunch time??

  2. Honestly… (takes deep breath and readies for the backlash)

    -I work for KBR on a construction job for Chevron that is building a refinery in a place called Escravos (which, oddly enough means “Slavery” in Portugeuse) in Nigeria.

    That job description alone usually makes people’s heads ASSPLODE.

  3. LOL… can’t be any worst than me working for a company that builds weapons of mass destruction on wheels (I am serious).

    You’re safe with me. Just watch out for the rioting disgruntled hungry workers… them on the other hand – makes me wonder!

  4. They wanted their monkey meat early!

  5. no clue how you cross post here.. but I commented your comment at my space.

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