Rev. Wright’s Job Opportunity

So I am reading around the Moronosphere today and am seeing some of the reviews of Rev. Wright’s interview with Bill Moyers, his speech at the Detroit NAACP and his comments at the NPC. Tons of people are a little peeved at what they see as this race panderer’s statements such as “…Obama didn’t abandon him, he’s just being a politician” and his various incitements that his previous comments (his remarks about this country creating AIDS, terrorism, AmeriKKKa, etc.) are being misenterpreted and used as fodder for a well-coordinated attack on the Black Church.

I think I REALLY know what is going on.

He’s getting ready for a job interview now that he is retired from the church.

 How could I think that? Well, not knowing what his personal financial situation is and thus assuming (probably wrongfully) that he is going to need some sort of income since he no longer has his hands in his congregation’s pockets, I would think that it would be obvious. I mean think of it; doesn’t this guy’s screed sound ALOT like two other notable “black political leaders”? Also look at what this guy has been doing as of late.

So here are the requirements that Wright has to met prior to the interview.


1. Gain media face time by stating inflammatory remarks

2. Defending said remarks as not being attacks but simple statements that had woefully been taken out of context by the uneducated listener, thus implying that all that hold an unfavorable interpretation of said comments are not only wrong, but dumb dumb stupid poopy heads

3. Allude to a vague conspiracy that seeks to undermine the organization that he is a part by way of attacking his racial identity (i.e. playing the race card), and have no substantial evidence of this attack occurring but imply that “oh it’s there. there in their HEARTS.”

4. Is already a vested member of the black religious community, allowing for a good old “one, two” punch of race AND religion to be worked into the purpose of the attacks (religious affiliation can also be shifted between “black christianity” or “christianity” depending on effectiveness)

All I’m saying is that the only thing left for him to do to meet the “Sharpton / Jackson” employment criteria is to have a failed attempt at political office (although he could consider, if Obama looses out on the presidency, to have done that by proxy) and have a bastard child crawl out of the woodwork and he’s got the job in the bag.

If the interview goes well… Welcome to the potential new face of the black community.

Talk about a step forward.

(H/T The Hostages. I kinda expanded on the comment I left a little. Thanks for being my idea factory.)


~ by Old Iron on April 29, 2008.

11 Responses to “Rev. Wright’s Job Opportunity”

  1. […] Is this all a clever scheme by the Rev. to become a semi-permanent media talking head? Could be. Though the timing doesn’t work out, so perhaps it is making lemonade from […]

  2. What is aggravating is that a clown like Rev Wright is gaining even more power within the race-baiting community.

    Actually, I kinda want to see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson try to confront him for crowding the race hustler spotlight.

  3. It’ll be like the democratic primaries, but with nothing differentiating the the opponents.

    Pure anarchy!!!!

  4. He’d make an ‘ideal’ political candidate for this presidential race!! They are all full of bull crap, spewing forth bullshit to gain popularity. He’s not any different and the world has given him the perfect platform for his next job.

    Who to vote for…. ???

  5. ^booze.

  6. Awwhh… but it begs the question…
    Canadian booze??
    Amercian booze??
    Either way I suppose, it’s needed to wash down and numb out the dumb asses spewing forth vile promises of a better tomorrow… Oh.. and the “I was misquoted” crap.

    Pass the damn moonshine…

  7. He also needs to work on his tan. Just sayin’.

  8. He is a little on the white side of mocha for being such an upstanding black citizen.

  9. Actually, I kinda want to see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson try to confront him for crowding the race hustler spotlight.

    ediebear – I think Al Sharpton is already irritated at Wright for stealing all the court-verdict attention Al was getting in NY. Didn’t Drudge just quote him about “posturing in front of white folk” or sumpin? Po’ li’l race-baiters! Sharpton & Jackson (and now Wright) disgust me.

  10. But… but… THAT’S TEH RACIST!!!!1111

    How dare someone not support these upstanding members of the black community from race-baiting and assuming that everyone not on their side are idiots?

  11. He really doesn’t look all that black to me. I’ve seen blacker people in Maine.

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