Let’s Play a Game: Katrina or Nigeria?

-So McCain came out as a complete douche bag last week and said that the GOP handled Katrina like a bunch of epileptic retards. Woah. Go figure that this asshat would take a stab at the current administration and basically join EVERYONE ELSE that has done so in being an absolute fucking idiot.

New Orleans?

“Hey everyone! Let’s hop on the ‘cool’ wagon and bash Bush no matter what party afilliation we are because as politicians we have a duty to conform to bullshit trend politics to make ourselves seem appealing!”

Me personally, I have no problem with GW Bush. I don’t agree with some of the actions that the administration he is a part of have performed, but I (apparently unlike 95% of the fucking world) realize that no governmental process occurs without multiple persons participating in it, thus spreading the wealth (or the guilt) of that process and not allowing you to truthfully hold only one person to task for any decision… although most idiots just find that easier then having to contemplate a system that has multiple inputs to it’s final product.


Katrina Victims?

I digress. The point that I was trying to make was that what happened in New Orleans didn’t work out like all of the other pseudo-intellectuals had expected it to. The Dems couldn’t buy the “victim’s” votes with new housing or free money, the persons that relocated due to their shacks being underwater relocated their crime rate as well to those new areas, and the whole process cost a shit ton of cash… but at least there was SOMETHING in place that helped take care of these people. At least we, as a democratic nation and not a completely socialist one, had a process that allowed people living in a state that is 50% a FLOOD BASIN the ability to be taken care of in some fashion.

Some places are not so lucky. A friend of mine was out and about in one of the cities here called Warri and snapped some photos after one of the frequent storms rolled through, and seeing these photos got me to thinking. These people here, horrible as they are, do not have the relief system that we do back in the states. Their country is too busy embezzling oil funds and the meager taxes that these guys pay in to actually allow for anything even CLOSE to the relief that the people from New Orleans enjoyed and abused, so all they can do is just kinda shrug at it and move on. I may not like it here and may complain about this place quite often to my friends and colleagues, but at least when a natural event occurs they don’t fucking BLAME someone or something that had no direct relation to the event occurring as inciting the event or “not doing enough” like some of the spoiled bitches in the States.

To them it’s just business as usual.

Ninth Ward?

So in closing: fuck you McCain. At least there was SOMETHING in place to help almost immediately after the natural disaster occurred. At least an effort, albeit not perfect, was made. I don’t remember seeing you cleaning out those screwed up houses or repainting over water damaged walls. You had no personal investment in any of the processes that ocurred after Katrina, but you sure as hell seem to have no problem grabbing that well-worn bat that the Dems use (FEMA’s inadequacy) to hit a member of YOUR OWN PARTY over the head with it. I do have to say though that you, along with the other party’s candidates, are helping to re-affirm my earlier opinion of this presidential race.

This could potentially be the election cycle when both parties self-destructed due to the size of the egos of the persons that are serving as each party’s mastheads.

I would quote T. S. Elliot on this, but that’s just a bit to cliche-d even for me, so I’ll just repeat myself.

Fuck you McCain.

You pandering little troll.

Not related to the dude that stole all of that Hieneken


~ by Old Iron on April 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Let’s Play a Game: Katrina or Nigeria?”

  1. Actually, NOLA and Nigeria are both third world countries

  2. Zing!

  3. –> . . <– this is a 1000x magnification image of McCain’s balls

  4. […] like to leech off of taxpayer funds. Still, Nigerians are downright philosophical about floods – seemingly superior in their take on acts of God to both New Orleanians and John McCain. **Warning – Old Iron is partial to hyperbole and “language”. He can also be a meany. […]

  5. See, it’s shit like this that makes people want to NOT vote. I don’t want Hillary or Obama; but this crap McCain has pulled is the onset of a sour stomach. How in the hell is the government supposed to be responsible to ANYONE for the FUCKING WEATHER??!! Those people in New Orleans CHOSE to live there. THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD FLOOD INSURANCE. What about all the people in Mississippi who lost everything? Have you seen the Gulfport, MS area lately? Oh, I forgot, those were white wealthy people living down there next to the Casinos, tough shit for all of them even though they lost just as much as other ethnic groups in New Orleans. And I dare someone to debate me on this. Try me. I have traveled the country recently and witnessed this shit first hand. The government don’t owe anybody shit for what happens due to an act of God. Bottom line, if you chose to live there you should have had flood insurance. If you couldn’t afford flood insurance, YOU SHOULD HAVE LIVED SOMEWHERE THE FUCK ELSE.

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