Bar Slaves in History: “Kidnap? How’s about a beer first”

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Revealed: How plot to kidnap PM

ended with a beer for abductors

IT WAS an audacious plot by militant Scots students to kidnap the prime minister and hold him hostage.
But last night, as details emerged of the 1964 plan to snatch Alec Douglas-Home, then Tory prime minister, one eyewitness told The Scotsman that the abduction was more like a student prank.

Lady Susan Douglas-Hamilton, in whose house the incident took place, was speaking as details emerged in the diaries of Lord Hailsham, published this week.

Lord Hailsham, the former Lord Chancellor, recounts how Sir Alex related the tale at a shooting party in Birkhill, writing: “An odd story of the 1964 election never published. Alec was staying with John and Priscilla Tweedsmuir, who had no room for Alec’s private bodyguard.

“He went to the nearest town (Aberdeen?) and John & Priscilla were left for a time alone in the house. Knock at the door answered by PM in person.

“Deputation of left-wing students from Aberdeen University. Said they were going to kidnap Alec.

“He said: ‘I suppose you realise if you do, the Conservatives will win the election by 200 or 300′.

“He asked and was given permission to pack a few things & was given ten minutes’ grace. After that they were offered and accepted beer. (Emphasis mine-Ed)

“John and Priscilla returned and the kidnap project abandoned. The bodyguard swore Alec to secrecy as his job would have been in peril.”

Not that I want that, war is just too cool to ever truly end, but…
Just sayin.
He\'ll Fuck You Up
We just can’t compete.
You are what all Bar Slaves strive to be.

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