Alcohol Fueled Lucha Libre Superstars!

Where to begin? So one day, after Old Iron returned from his 2nd excursion to the wonderful land of enchantment known as Nigera, I was informed of a meeting designed to get our website off the ground. I was also informed that there was a bottle of Absynth, straight from Amsterdam in the almighty liquor cabinet of F’N DOOM! Needless to say, nothing was accomplished pertaining to BSAB…however, three of us became Mexican wrestling superstars!

(Left to Right:  El Pollo Diablo, El Charisma Capitan and El Demon Huevos


I woke up the next day in my bathroom, not remembering anything past 9 p.m., Iron passed out on his front porch while everyone else in the house proceeded to build him a fort made out of cardboard boxes, from his many purchaes, to protect him from local bums, cats, Moo Moo Lady and the Crazy Alcoholic woman that bitched at Iron for cursing at her mom, etc.  Needless to say, we all know how to do flying springboard moonsaults, diving elbows, hurricanranas and pretty much everything else that a Lucha Libre super-megastar knows how to do.


~ by oldschoolcarnage on March 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Alcohol Fueled Lucha Libre Superstars!”

  1. Luche luche LUCHE!!!!!



    I do have to say though that waking up in that fort on the front porch, I was actually quite warm and comfortable.

  2. QUE!?!?!?

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